The City Branch catering to classes Nursey to Xth has its own self-contained campus. Pilani Public School the city branch provides a rich, stimulating and satisfying environment for the promotion of all round intellectual, emotional & social, physical and creative development. Children are active learners and co-construes of their knowledge. Children are encouraged to express themselves following multiple intelligence theory which include listening, speaking, reading, writing, drawing, painting, building, designing, dramatic play, music and movement. Hands – on, active experiences, Excursions and field trips, Audio-visual teaching aids are a vital component of our curriculum. All the classrooms are well ventilated, bright, well-planned and equipped with modern teaching aids. The school has ample outdoor space for play ground. It is a well- known fact that children’s training in the early years goes a long way towards preparing them for difficult academic and life tasks they are required to master later. The early years of life, lay the groundwork for future experiences influencing how children develop and learn, cope with stress and react to the world around. The goal of the school is to help the child in his/her all round development, provide sound school training keeping with the Indian Culture and tradition in a secular atmosphere. The pre-primary curriculum is essentially an activity based or skill oriented curriculum, the basic component being activity aimed at creating joy and happiness in acquiring basic learning skills.
A child learns naturally through carefree exploration of his/her environment. The essence of the Kindergarten curriculum lies in providing children with adequate, appropriate, variety of firsthand sensorial experiences based on their fundamental and developmental needs. All our activities are strategically planned and our focus is on all areas of learning as we want our children to develop ‘Holistically. To ensure all round development, the ultimate goal is the optimum, harmonious, integrated development of the pre-school child who is happy and excited in learning. In the epoch of globalization, ever-increased competition and advancement in technology, the concept of teaching requires an approach of “catch them young”. Children need to be groomed justly at the very beginning of their school life. We strive to achieve this by framing the right kind of curriculum and by delivering right blend of instruction that is required in the present day scenario. The school follows CBSE curriculum and the medium of instruction is English. PPS (City Branch) blazes a trail by ensuing futuristic & innovative learning styles. The best infrastructure, modern approach and latest teaching methodologies collaborating with our philosophy, which focuses on culture, value and beliefs, fortify every student with all futuristic technologies. While preserving the traditional methods of teaching, we have adopted a student-centered teaching. We center our planning, our teaching, and our assessment on the needs and abilities of our students. The students are allowed to explore, experiment, and discover on their own. The PPS city branch is recognized by Rajasthan Government.