Generally, students get bored studying for a long time in their rooms, which is a common thing. Or maybe sometimes the students are facing distractions while studying in their living room.

To get rid of the students from this issue, PPS bring the concept of study rooms. Basically, these rooms are designed for the only purpose of the study. These study rooms in PPS offer a very peaceful environment for the students.

Moreover, the study rooms provide a comfortable space with cozy tables and chairs. You can carry on your late-night study and plan your strategy for the exams while sitting in a very quiet and concentrative environment of study rooms. And every student is allowed to come here and study.

Not very tightly, but all the study rooms are monitored by the staff members. We don’t want that any of our students disturb by any other one. Whatever it is, PPS is committed to giving students a devoted ambiance for their studies, anyhow. And we are doing it very well.