Clay Modelling is an activity that helps in the development of pre-primary and primary students in several ways. It nurtures a child’s creativity, boosts imagination, and imbibes self-confidence. The touch and feel of clay have a naturally relaxing quality. By pressing, squeezing, poking, and reshaping the clay into different shapes, improves a child’s motor skills. The student’s problem-solving skills can be explored when he decides how far they can shape the clay before it breaks, de-shapes, and falls.
To create something from scratch is indeed to be proud of and empowering. Playing and modelling with clay helps the child to develop a sense of control. After the child is done with shaping the clay, he/she will feel accomplished. Thus, through Clay Modelling, a child can bring imagination to life.
Little Students of PPS, PILANI participated in the Clay Modelling activity on 16th Feb 2022 with great enthusiasm. Clay Models were demonstrated by teachers. The activity was carried out by the students of Grade I to Grade V. They learned how to make idol of Lord Ganesha and certain vegetables such as carrot, brinjal using such techniques. Overall, the students had fun experience and this activity allowed them to learn primary steps to create art and crafts using very material such as soil. The students used their imagination and creativity to make and decorate the models made from clay. The activity was enjoyed by all the students.

Group Photo

Students participating actively..

Clay Model

Group Photo II

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