The purpose of the smart class program is to empower teachers with technology right inside their classrooms to use digital resources such as graphics, animation, 3D images, and video clips in addition to the traditional methods of teaching in their day to day teaching life.


Information Technology is the integral part of the school-curriculum. In this regard, the school provides internet connected computer lab which is upgraded with latest systems and new technology. Our students have unlimited access to computers and the professional software tools that go with them.


A fleet of buses is maintained by the school to widen its area of functioning. Children from adjoining area may travel to & fro by these busees.


NCC, Riding, Games and sports are an integral part of the school curriculum for which a wide range of facilities including obstacle course and a firing range is made available.The main aim of National Cadet Corps is to groom the youth of the country into disciplined, responsible and patriotic citizens. The National Cadet Corps in India is a voluntary organization which recruits cadets from high schools, colleges and Universities all over India and gives those volunteers' military training.


Width its comprehensive collection of academic and reference books and its wide range of journals and periodicals. A varied collection of books, reference material, CDs are available. Adequate number of newspapers keeps the students updated and magazines help them in preparing for competitive exams. Library offers a wide range of Resources to its members. These resources are provided to cater the specific academic needs of the members. The libraries have well selected collection of Books, Journals, Periodicals, Newspapers and Audio Visual Media. A qualified librarian manages the library and there is always an experienced member of staff available to assist pupils.The library has a separate counseling and guidance centre.


PPS offers its students a chance to learn and excel in a wide variety of sporting related activities. These include Athletics, Football, Hand Ball, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Throw Ball, Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Swimming, Roller Skating, Martial Art and variety of indoor games. There is a dedicated time set aside every day in order to pursue these activities. The junior students (up to the V standard) are taught all the various disciplines. Students above the 6th standard are required to choose two sports in which they concentrate on, all year round. We believe that this would help in fostering excellence in the Chosen field. There is a healthy competitive spirit and a spirit of sportsmanship among the different houses.. A physical fitness program of morning PT, Yoga,   Martial arts, Meditation and Aerobic is also provided. Riding is compulsory for all students. The school maintains a stable and has a well qualified riding instructor and syces.


We always make tireless efforts in the avenues of advanced educational methods. The laboratories are equipped with sophisticated equipments to cope with the present needs of higher education and research. As a part of this academic pursuit, we have well furnished labs for Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics.

Our Physics lab contain all kind of modern equipments like multimeter, ammeter, bar magnet etc.

Just like Physics lab in our Chemistry lab all the chemicals with the ensured safety is availaible.

Biology lab contains all the specimens for the better understanding of the subject.


Music education touches on the development of the affective domain, including music appreciation and sensitivity. Music’s interconnection with society can be seen throughout history. Taking these facts into account, we render all the possible means to develop the taste of music among the students and have been availed with the opportunities of learning classical dance. To develop the aesthetic sense and inculcate the habit of appreciation among students, the school provides the musical atmosphere conducive for students under the guidance of an expert Music & Dance teacher.


The school maintains a Tuck-shop. Students can indent their requirements of toiletries and stationery items from this shop. The cost of articles is debited to their personal account. Tuck Shop Timings:For Day Scholars – Monday – Friday: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 pm, Hostellers – 04:00 -05:00 p.m. every day.


For catering to the need of the students during recess time a canteen is run in the school campus. The canteen provides healthy and nutritious food items to the students.


The swimming pool is the real respite for the students during the peak summer. The pool is well maintained in terms of filtration plant, manual cleaning etc. The filtration equipment provided ensures international health standards in water cleanliness. The students are also guided to maintain hygiene. Each student is allotted ninety minutes of training per week. Qualified staff imparts training to the students and maintain operational facilities. We do have a separate lady / gent staff member to teach the girls and boys.